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Facial veins are the reddish or purple veins that appear in on the nose, cheeks, forehead, and upper chest. Sometimes referred to as spider veins they can be caused by different factors such as rosacea, oral contraceptives, hormones, over exposure to the sun or as a part of the aging process. Fortunately today there are safe, quick and effective treatments for facial veins using lasers. Laser treatments are routinely used to eliminate facial veins because of their accuracy in treating veins and restoring the skin.

How Does Laser Facial Vein Treatment Work?
Using high energy beams of light, lasers are able to deliver treatment directly to the vein without harming the skin around it. The heat from the laser causes the targeted vein to clog and be destroyed, then slowly absorbed by the body. The results are clear, restored skin.

What is the Process?
Typically most patients receive 1-2 treatments to achieve the desired results. The laser can be slightly uncomfortable, like a snapping band on the skin, so most patients prefer a topical anesthesia for their treatments. Afterwards, you will notice redness or slight bruising around the treated area. Laser vein treatments usually last just a few minutes but are scheduled based upon on the location of the veins to be treated.

After Care
After you receive treatment for facial veins you will be able to return to normal activities right away with no downtime. However, it is recommended that you protect your skin from sun exposure, by using sunscreen and limiting the time you are in direct sunlight to ensure lasting results.

Lasers are used to successfully treat many types of skin conditions including facial veins. Call to make an appointment today to see if this treatment is right for you!

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